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The Dubai Factory: Export / Import

Tower_of_BabelDespite the current generic icons of Dubai’s urbanism, the mental map of the city is about Islamic imagery. Dubai manifests the contemporary interpretation of Orientalism, sensual, spectacular, artificial, subliminal and above all contemporary and global. (more...)

Boutique City: Designing for Sale

In the 21st century the rush to consume anything from objects to culture and lifestyle has become synonymous with success. The UAE is now ranked among the top 10 international retail destinations. Dubaiââ?¬â?¢s retail space is approaching 2 million square meters. The city is almost all about advertising, marketing and shopping in an act of ââ?¬Ë?total lifestyleââ?¬â?¢. (more...)

Interview published in Nikkei Architecture

This rapid expansion of the city has inevitably created a new architectural phenomenon: individual high-rise blocks grouped together by virtue of proximity and with little or no surroundings create distinguished skylines. (more...)

Editor of a forthcoming book by Thames & Hudson on Dubai

The scope of the publication is to look at Dubai�s architecture and urbanism with focus on its evolution (historical, social, cultural, contemporary) in the form of a documentation, presentation and analysis. (more...)

Article published in the With/Without book by Bidoun

George has contributed to the With/Without publication by Bidoun (more...)

Articles published in the Al Manakh book by Archis

George has contributed to the Al Manakh publication by Archis Foundation (more...)

Article in The Superlative City publication

The Superlative City
George has contributed to the publication The Superlative City Dubai and the Urban Condition in the Early Twenty-First Century


2A magazine on Architecture + Tourism publication

In Dubai there is little difference between holiday accommodation and housing. Architectural programs are becoming fused and undifferentiated. The morphology of the landscape and seascape is becoming fabricated to the point that it may soon be difficult to differentiate between the natural and the constructed. (more...)

Work published in The GEO Special magazine

Work published in the German magazine GEO Special, March 2007 (more...)