Bauhaus legacy and Dubai

Bauhaus legacy and Dubai

George’s interview published in The National, UAE newspaper, July 2009

…far from being a mid-century phenomenon, the Bauhaus heritage lives on. As George Katodrytis, the associate professor of architecture at the American University of ¬≠Sharjah (AUS) says, the movement’s most significant legacy was the way it used technology to transform design in the 20th century from a decorative and individually crafted art to industrially produced objects and modernist buildings. It produced utility and everyday artefacts and addressed a large audience. New styles of designed objects and buildings were created, with novel, simplified and refined forms. Utility gained an aesthetic value. It opened new possibilities for experimentation and ¬≠abstraction in both art and architecture.

…and Katodrytis singles out Dubai’s World Trade Centre: It is an elegant high-rise building. Buildings of that period [the 1970s] were clear statements of modernism, commissioned by the Ruler to reposition the city and look at the future, yet relating to their environment.


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