Interview published in Nikkei Architecture

Interview published in Nikkei Architecture

An interview and an article on Dubai by George was published in the July 2007 issue of the popular Japanese magazine Nikkei Architecture.
This rapid expansion of the city has inevitably created a new architectural phenomenon: individual high-rise blocks grouped together by virtue of proximity and with little or no surroundings create distinguished skylines. The famous linear Sheikh Zayek Road is the first example of this, imitating New York a century ago, every block is a monument of real estate power and capitalism. The success of this built highway is now followed by the development of other ââ?¬Å?citiesââ?¬Â as clusters of high-rises, that of Dubai Marina and Business Bay. Within these high rise neighborhoods, ââ?¬Ë?mixed developmentââ?¬Â has proved to be a successful formula to attract even more uses all in one: commercial, residential, entertainment, cultural, shopping malls, hotel activities and anything else as long as it works. In terms of architecture, these are usually long buildings (vertical or horizontal) placed closed to each other. The architecture of the 21st century is not distinguished only by form but by density. In terms of form and materials these buildings are generic and anonymous, dressed in curtain wall systems. Variation is achieved by surface treatment and size by height. Architectural design here is a mere commodity for buyers and developers, allowing for little innovation. Architects work fast. Property is usually sold long before construction starts. Real estate architecture is not about risks or experimentation. Welcome to the 21st century.


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